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The importance of having a good website

It matters how well your website looks. Studies have shown that an effective website generates higher traffic at an exponential rate and a better user interface will ensure attracting potential customers. Skeptics question the need for updating your company website to outcompete the rival business websites. Let us assure you – facelift is of paramount importance as this directly impacts the success of your business. We, at Colorgraphicz, help our clients build a credible, gripping and effective online platform – their company websites – to attract customers, display the company profile, serve as a representation of the company good will and faith and attract ideal customers prompting communication better. In today’s modern world, marketing strategy goes beyond the usual face-to-face dealings and we can help build a website for your company that will enable effective communication, lucid marketing strategies and instill fine trust between you and your clientele….. Read More
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UX and UI Design

The most pertinent question may be what defines a UX and UI designer and what are their responsibilities? While User Experience (UX) is an assortment of responsibilities that deals with optimization of a product so that customers can effectively use it, User Interface (UI) Design is how well it is appreciated, the appearance and interactivity of that particular product. UX determines why a particular product should be used and UI decides how well the product looks to the consumers.

The role and the responsibilities vary depending on the company and the product types. We, at Colorgraphicz, cater to all your needs of both UX and UI designs. We understand and appreciate your time and value and we deliver products that are easy to use, friendly and reachable to the target customers….. Read More

Banner Design

Banners may appear as simple boxes on your commercial websites but they serve a much bigger purpose. Even though previous reference data suggested rich animated banners catch more attention, with people clicking static banners less, banners are easy and direct ways to grab your customers’ attention on the webpage. Be a small or large company, banner advertisements will be an effective inclusion in your advertisement strategy.

Advertisers are becoming more sophisticated about when and how to use banner ads. There are preset guidelines for size of banner ads, there are rule breakers too! This is where we come into play. We, at Colorgraphicz, will guide you…. Read More
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Newsletter Design

Email newsletters are the latest tools in the marketing trade. The newsletters help build relationships with existing and potential customers, ensure your business reaches its target audience in a visually stunning manner furthermore guaranteeing that your business is always on the customers’ minds.
It is a powerful tool that you can deliver through your email system, update present and potential customers about offers, benefits and services and essentially you will always be able to advertise yours business to a wider spectra.

We, at Colorgraphicz, can guide you to deliver visually vivid power packed email newsletters to your target audience. Your newsletter should be vivid like a painting, logical like a newspaper and attractive as the eye catchy magazines. Let us help you reach your target audience better through these simple and easy tips….. Read More