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Packaging design that will shine on the shelf

With so many products out there, packaging design is as important as ever. Take a look at these examples of packaging design to witness the best work on offer.
Packaging is something we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. So creating an eye-catching packaging design that can be reproduced for years is a real challenge, especially with trends in industrial design now demanding biodegradable or renewable packaging. Now more than ever, packaging design matters. The designs below show the direction in which many different industries are focusing their packaging design for years to come.

You perhaps have an exclusive product to be launched and show it to the public. So, let the value of your product get reflected with a professionally designed, attention-grabbing package, created by Colographicz. Our company has a lively team of artistic product package design experts, who have marketing ability and creative skill to convey your corporate message.

The design of your product package is obviously the major tool that helps you in branding. In fact, more than 70 percent of purchase decisions are taken by determining the attractiveness of a package. So, attract your customers’ interest and attention with packaging all the time. At Colorgrahicz, we transform ideas and concepts into some perceptible solutions with our packaging design services. We always concentrate on the aesthetics, details, utilities and latest trends and there are some factors, on which we base our package designing principle.

You want package designing professionals, who have profound concept on branding, retailing and materials. And these are the skills that we possess. We have assisted lots of businesses by presenting the package designs for products with confidence and professionalism. Colorgraphicz’s innovative team is always eager to work for you by developing visually tempting package designs for all kinds of brands and products. Our high-tech tools for designing enable us in making a model of your package.

6 Point which is key point of any packaging

  • Clarity and simplicity
  • Honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Shelf impact
  • Extensibility
  • Practicality
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What our package designs can do for you

Package designing with multiple benefits for branding

At Colorgraphicz, a package design company, we consider package design as the ultimate opportunity to impress potential buyers and sell the product. Often, the new consumers assess a product with its package. We packaging speaks of whether the material used for your product package is highly durable. We consider how the eye of a customer can react, while he or she looks at your store shelves. Our experts for packaging design services are also highly careful in choosing package colour because it has an important role in sale. For instance, when you sell milk-based product, we avoid black colour, which is not suitable for appealing the buyers.

Build impressions very fast

You have only some seconds in order to create a good impression on your customers. To develop a common profitable bond, our package designs may help you much. Wonderful designs can speak of everything, which you want to say to your consumer. We try to realize how your consumers believe, and we design in accordance with that. Our product packaging design services providers have comprehensible perception of your competition to create the right design.

Interaction to your clients

If more details are provided, then the sales may get increased. Packaging model has a power to express some data. Excellent package designing will publicize all those information. With our distinctive packaging, we enhance the apparent usefulness of your product. Our package design services also intended to allow feedback of customers and relationship development. Improved communication encourages reliance, and generates your business loyalty.

Aligns the values of brand with identity

Your product packaging, offered by our designers, speaks of the values of target customers, your business’s rank and your organization’s identity. As the best branding and packaging design solution providers, we are talented to translating all these important aspects.

Save money from limited packaging stuffs and space

We make the design in such a way that your product weight may not become much weighty in nature. You will also be able to save much of your space to accommodate the packages. Moreover, the shipping charges may also get reduced.

Protection for your goods

You always want your products to be delivered in perfect condition. We always try to offer you an idea for durable packaging so that your products may not be affected during the storage and transport. No matter whether there is moisture or any other risky element, your products will get protection. Moreover, we know that if any product breaks, while opening the package, it may create an adverse effect. So, our package design services offer attractive and safe package model.

Our package designers with the innovativeness and proficiency of using tools

product package design

We’ve employed a huge team of experienced and brilliant 3D designers and modellers for packaging design services. In fact, we have almost no trouble in recognising the product information and definite client’s needs and offer services, on the basis of their requirements. Besides, our skilled 3D design professionals have skills to create excellent 3D product package models, which appear exclusive and realistic for different varieties of products, like boxes, labels and sachets.

As one of the prominent product packaging design companies, we are committed to utmost quality and make sure that you get smart and flawless designs to depict your thoughts effectively to your customers. Our knowledgeable team presents you with supreme flexibility for 2D and 3D drawings. Colorgraphicz has all the proficiencies to complete a bespoke package designing project, depending on detailed inputs of clients. Overall, our specialists at package design company have some common traits-

  • Experience of using important software, like CAD
  • Knowledge about colour-related theories for designing package
  • Produce customised typography with the capability of merging it with various graphic models
  • Awareness on the trends for marketing

However, the main feature, which distinguishes our creative product packaging solution, is available at a reasonable rate.



“I am a returning customer because they do such great work! i am so very pleased with how my project has come along and they have helped in so many ways. The graphics are great. High quality. very quick responses. They listen to you, and never complain about revisions. They revise until you are happy and i am just very impressed with the quality of work they put out along with their creative patience. Also, the prices are so affordable. They never overcharge on a project. Just great. So happy and I will be coming back for more projects. I am sold on Colorgraphicz.”

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An impressive brand is created after having a thorough idea of relevant market. So, with our experience on the advertisements of various brands, our company has the ability to give you revolutionary solutions at any time. Unlike many other companies, in which the professionals have expertise only in designing field, our experts have practical experience in realizing customers’ desires. It enables our clients’ brands in taking the best advantage of the advertisement tool, i.e., package design.

Whether we’re creating a package of a new product or some familiar goods, we use all the things, which we have previously learned.

Our highly knowledgeable qualified packaging experts guarantee that all your thoughts have been implemented to your product package. It is accomplished by doing a comprehensive pre-design study, which observes all the important factors, like your business image, product qualities, sales policy and marketing.

In addition to it, we also undertake the task of redesigning of your present product package. We attempt to take some special care in order to assure a complete look of your package and to launch your own brand identity. So, our branding and packaging design solution is useful in those cases, when you want to have fresh life in your outdated product. We mainly offer 3D design for any product package, and our services has some common features like-

  • We apply practical 3 Dimensional images along with the best visualizations in order to display the colour, layout, surface, and material options for any innovative package model.
  • Our packaging design agency also makes use of special product package design program, like Photoshop. So, the ultimate design can be completely precise and fit your needs.
  • We not only design your package but also develop 3D patterns in order to subsequent images. Besides, you may ask us to deliver those patterns in any format that you like.
  • At Colorgrpahicz, one of the product packaging design companies, our team gives you enough support in order to offer you optimized design.
  • Our designers also do not forget to analyse the shape of your product label because the package surface in many cases are highly intricate.

If you wish, we may also send you files for STL format for your package design, and later you can have 3D print of this model. In fact, our unique packaging models save much of your time as well as expensive modifications. We allow you to have the desired packaging results very fast.


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Our designs are unique creations at a very reasonable price. Client satisfaction, affordability and time are our prime concerns.

Our professional packaging designers are highly skilled and experienced in various types of product container design.

Along with product design services Colorgraphicz also offers branding and web development services.

Our package designing technique- from idea to implementation

Our thorough pre-designing phase for product packaging design services is intended to recognise the general brand message, policy, unique traits, business USPs, distribution schemes and many more. With all these identifications, we are efficiently able to convert your marketing objectives into visually striking package design. Our package designers have a target to produce a mutually helpful bond between buyers and manufacturer. And it will surely improve the status of your brand and allow it to get high scores in terms of value and utility. So, hire our skilled designers and experience an ideal relation between your customers’ insights and dynamics of your package. Our superb package designs for products, based on inherent branding approach, may help entrepreneurs to aim at the improved brand identity and awareness. We make sure that you can get stability of your brand recognition by creating an artistic association of customer psyche and your brand.  To say shortly, we try to make your packaging highly visible and differentiate it from competitors’ package.

Our package designing experts are ready to answer your call

Hire our package design services, while you have launched any new product. You may also engage us for redesigning the package, if you think that its old look is not attracting the customers. We will help you by sending a prototype of package in order to get your approval about the final design, offered in Photoshop file or other format. Our group at Colorgraphicz will deal with you for comprehending the needs of your corporate product. We’ll develop a design, which may work as the most excellent solution. All the package designing projects that we complete are done with highly passion, innovativeness and extreme attention.

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