Planning for your new business? Need a proper promotion guide? Then why not rely on a perfect brochure? Perfect information combined with eye-catching design, a brochure can get your message across the mass. At Colorgraphicz you can meet your need. Our experienced creative hands can lead you to your target.


Brochures are an informational pamphlet or leaflet that advertises an organization, business event, product or service. Brochures are a great way to package information in a simple, eye catching design to attract potential clients by offering basic information. A well made brochure can grab the attention of the reader. It provides needed information while inspiring the reader to take action.


Brochure is a must have thing for your business promotion. Once you are ready with your own setup, you should next have a perfect promotional guide. A proper informative brochure itself is your promotional guide. Let me explain how…..
There are many different print and media products that can be used successfully to promote an organization, business, event, product or service. Before spending huge money or time on it you have to consider the characteristics of your audience and decide which method will be most appealing. In that case a brochure is a professional, effective and convenient way to provide information to your target audience.


Before you create your brochure you should maintain some rules. Follow these points below:

  • Your brochure should grab attention of mass. If it placed in the rack among many, it has to stand out. Make sure the front of the panel will attract attention by using catchy phrase or images.
  • Attractiveness determines how likely a potential customer to pick up your brochure. The design including fonts, colors, graphics and layout all impact attractiveness.
  • Be brief. Most of the people don’t want to read such a lengthy text. Summarize your information in proper words. Mess-up in text could be hard on your image. Think of your brochure as a tasty appetizer. It should offer a small taste that makes a reader want more.
  • Apart from the information an eye-catching design is important to make your brochure look interesting. For that you can rely on our professional hands.


There are four standard brochure sizes: 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17, and 11 x 25.5. Choose a size that matches the quantity of information you want to get across.
The size of a brochure is usually determined by the amount and the type of information you need to include. And also your budget fit. There are many types of brochure in the market, bi fold, three fold, four to eight folds. But we recommend two or three folded brochure for you. Because, making your brochure longer in not always a good idea. People often prefer brief information as they really don’t have much time for your business. Also aware of that increasing thee number of panel increasing your paper size and thereby increasing cost.


We recommend brochure for your business purpose also. Here some types that we design for you.

This type of brochure is named for the brochures you leave behind after meeting a potential customer. Summarize your sales pitch to echo the one you just gave. Keep your words forever in their brain – or at least long enough to get them to buy your product.

Respond to Inquiries:
When people ask about your product, they’re obviously interested. Sending this type of brochure is for a qualified buyer. They’re qualified because they’re much more likely to buy than someone who hasn’t contacted you. Since they’ve already expressed interest, write this brochure to take your prospect to the next step: the Buying process.

Direct Mail:
This is the type of brochure you include with your direct mail package. The brochure used with direct mail contains photos, your product’s sales points and even technical features.

So whenever you feel that your business is ready for a brochure, remember some simple steps. Determine the organization’s selling points. And last but not the least you have to know your audience. Once you are determined who’s going to read your brochure, then you choose the approach that will best fit these readers.